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Identify Valuable Opportunities

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Establish Successful Business Structures

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Address Critical Challenges

International Trade

International trade is much more than just buying and selling – it is the engine behind many businesses around the globe. We succeed by focusing on risk minimization and on clear communication.

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Recruitment & Development

Businesses rely most on the human capital and no company can run without the right employees. We succeed by analyzing businesses and people, recognizing and meeting their needs.

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Information Technology

Technology is changing the world and giving birth to new business models every day. We succeed in the information age by knowing how to capture people’s attention and developing new age solutions for businesses.

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About Us

GloBiz is a growing international network of partners that shares values of loyalty and integrity, bringing to the world a portfolio of services that build recognition.

We develop and manage competencies and projects in the fields of marketing and logistics.

Our purpose is to facilitate business processes between the CEE and MENA regions.

As being part of both B2B and B2C we adopt common perspective to every aspect of our work – it is the H2H attitude.

Transparency is one of our main value and we appreciate it in all the relations we are building.

  • Win-Win-Win

    We are looking for a win-win-win outcome of every effort we take and this is how we use the synergy effect in business.

  • Data as a Resource

    We cherish data and apply a scientific approach to develop it as a resource, based on which to take better decisions.

  • Proactive

    We believe that the proactive behavior makes us creators and we craft business with love and commitment.

Some of our Projects

These are just a few of our projects. Please check out our whole portfolio, too.

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